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About Vitalwave™

Vitalwave™ is a treatment designed to decolonize the birth canal in the hopes of preventing vertical transmission of HIV and other pathogens. Primarily a 3rd world application, a charitable group known (Courthill Foundation) contracts Ondine Biomedical Corporation for the development of this potentially life saving application.

The Vitalwave™ Advantage

Research has shown that a lower viral load of HIV in the birth canal leads to a reduced risk of transmission. By using photodisinfection, this reduction can be achieved rapidly, with no systemic effects to the mother or drug interactions with prescribed antiretroviral therapy. Additionally, the treatment may block the transmission of other pathogens, such as Group B Streptococcus, HSV, HCV and other STIs.

Product Development Status

Vitalwave™ has undergone development to the prototype stage, and is expected to be beta tested in the near future.