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About Periowave™

Periowave™ uses the powerful photodisinfection reaction to inactivate the bacteria and toxins that are left behind after scaling and root planing.
First, a small quantity of blue-coloured photosensitizer solution is topically applied to the gums at the treatment site where it attaches to microbes and toxins associated with gum disease. Second, a thin, plastic light guide is painlessly placed into the treatment site. The light guide illuminates the treatment site with a specifically calibrated laser light, activating the photosensitizer solution and destroying bacteria beneath the gum line. Each treatment site requires only 60 seconds of laser activation, making it a quick, painless procedure.

To date, Periowave™ has been used in over 75,000 treatments and has been the subject of 5 clinical trials. To learn more, visit

The Periowave™ Advantage

Current therapies for oral-cavity disinfection include antibiotics and antiseptics. Antibiotics must stay uncomfortably in place for long periods of time, frequently resulting in patient non-compliance. Ondine’s Periowave™ treatment can be applied, activated, and then removed from the affected site, maximizing patient comfort. The benefits of this technology include:

  • Rapid action
  • No patient compliance after treatment
  • High specificity to disease-causing bacteria, and
  • Low levels of toxicity to host cells in vitro

Product Development Status

Ondine has obtained a Health Canada License and CE Mark for its Periowave system. It is currently available in Canada and select countries in the European Union. The Periowave system is currently under review for Premarket Approval (PMA) by the US FDA.